The project

Open Delos

The Open Delos platform is an open source rich media and lecture platform for education, designed and developed by GUnet in the context of the horizontal project. The first version was launched in November 2014 and since then it supports the hosting and management of the multimedia content of the Open Courses.
The Open Delos platform implements a set of relevant tools for supporting rich media content production, publishing and searching for educational material, editing video lectures and synchronizing them to instructors’ presentations slides, editing metadata, e.t.c. The platform collaborates with IP cameras and supports automatic recording and live streaming of scheduled lectures and events as well as the publishing of the recorded video – synchronized with the slides – through a rich media player on the web.
The Open Delos platform in summary
  • Automatic live streaming and recording of scheduled lectures and events
  • Three main scenarios for lecture production: fixed camera (in-class installed IP camera recording), camera crew with mobile equipment (mobile recording) and sound recording of lectures (podcasting)
  • Online tools to edit, publish and reproduce recorded material
  • Browsing and searching rich media educational material per subject, faculty, instructor or year

For more details, visit the official site of the Open Delos platform:

Management tools
  • Content
  • Users και roles
  • Timetable
  • Institute structure
Lecture production
  • IP camera recording
  • Mobile recording
Interconnection to third party systems
  • Supporting OAI PMH, RSS, ATOM, iTunes, You Tube
  • Open eClass platform
  • National Repository
Live streaming
  • Lectures
  • Events
Material reproduction
  • Video, sound and presentation slides – combined in any way
  • Customization options
Content search
  • Guided search based on criteria
  • Free keyword search tool
  • Dynamic allocations by category of criteria