The project

Open eClass

The Open eClass platform is an integrated course management system, offered and actively supported by GUnet over a decade. Its main goal lies in the integration and constructive use of the Internet and web technologies in the teaching and learning process. The Open eClass platform is distributed for free as an open – source software, it runs on the latest versions of all popular browsers and it contains a modern and responsive user interface that adapts to different hardware devices, from conventional desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

The distribution of the first version (1.0) of the platform was launched in 2003. Ever since many new versions of the platform have been designed and developed as an offer to the educational and academic society to enhance the teaching and learning process. The latest 3rd generation of the Open eClass platform was launched in April 2015 and it supports the open digital courses, in combination with the Open Delos platform and the National Repository.

The Open eClass platform in summary
  • It is distributed for free to educational institutions, organizations, institutes and enterprises
  • Its source code is freely available and can be customized according to specific needs and requirements
  • It adapts to different hardware devices, from conventional desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. Open eClass mobile apps are also available
  • It is used by the majority of universities and technological institutes in Greece
  • It allows the user to organize, store and distribute educational materials, including multimedia content
  • Communication, information and collaboration tools are provided through the platform
For more details, visit the official site of the Open eClass platform:

Develop and manage unlimited online courses

Exercises – Quizzes

Create self-assessment quizzes and online tests

Learning path

Create a sequence of steps with independent learning objects


View statistics, track learners’ participation and progress, create surveys and reports

Educational material

Organize, store and distribute educational resources


Create, manage and grade online assignments

User groups

Manage users and form groups to support collaborative learning

E-learning standard compliance

Use learning objects authored in all standard course authoring tools


Add, organize, store and embed multimedia files


Upload, manage and present eBooks in HTML format


Choose from a variety of communication tools (teleconference, chat, forum, messages)

Backup files

Safeguard the content of the course in case of accidental deletion or corruption